Beqaa, Lebanon

The need for humanitarian aid is urgent in the refugee camps in Beqaa, Lebanon. Make a difference and support my work on site.

Since 15 May 2016, I am raising money on behalf of Syrian refugees in Bekaa and working hands-on on site with distributing humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable.

The situation in the Beqaa camps has worsen in the recent past, with many refugees not receiving more than USD 0.70 a day for food assistance, and some recieving no aid at all.

You can support my work on site by donating.

When supporting my work, I can guarantee the best possible use of your contribution, as I am present and can follow the donation until it is in use; I make purchases on your behalf and take part in the distribution.

Needs in the camps are urgent, and your donation will come to great use during this summer through my distributions of food etc.

100% of donations received will go to the refugees - all overhead expenses (transportation and transaction costs etc) are paid for by me.

This initiative is a personal commitment and I am grateful for every contribution.

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Pictures by (from left to right): Nusrat Durrani , Beat Bronson, Beat Bronson, Beat Bronson