About me

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Carl-Fredrik Hedengren

Raised in Danderyd, Stockholm, I studied business and law in Uppsala and Lund, specialising in commercial law. I have worked as a lawyer in the finance industry my entire career, i.a. at Denovo Law, Magnusson Law and law firm Hökerberg & Söderqvist, and later as a corporate in-house lawyer for finance company Cerberus AB in Stockholm.

My voluntary work in Beqaa, and the documentation of it, is a purely humanitarian mission, and with no political or religious purposes. No material from this project will be used for any such purposes.

My thanks:

Above all, Jacob Hedengren for building this website.

Further: my family, especially Nafsika Karavida, my friends Lamin Sonko, Carl Danielsson, Henrik Callerstrand, Anders Westman, Adrian Westman, Igor Kubat, Martin Kvernbekk, Laran Matta, Hassan Choubassi, and the Björn and Monika Wendleby family. Thanks!