Donation details


100 % of your donation reaches the refugees. All expenses, such as for transportation of food supplies, and transaction costs, are paid for by me personally.

State your first and last name and phone number on the transfer if you do not donate through "Swish".

You have 2 payment options:

1) My Nordea bank account no. 860227-0251 (this is a separate account used for this purpose only), IBAN: SE25 3000 0000 0086 0227 0251 - BIC (SWIFT-address): NDEASESS.


2) SWISH 0704923669, same bank account.

Purchases on your behalf will only be made at well-established retailers providing receipts. When my work ends in Lebanon, I will produce an informal financial statement covering all donations and expenditures, available to donors on their request.

My voluntary work is not run as a registered association or company, and no formal financial statements will be produced.

Questions & Answers

What are the needs?

My work in Beqaa focuses on the most vulnerable refugees in the area’s camps. Needs and poverty are rife and deep. Your donation will be used during the summer. Currently, the most urgent need is for food. Most likely, your donation will be used for the purchase of food.

How can I be certain that all donations are used in an efficient manner?

The municipality in Beqaa, together with well-established NGO's, continuously provideinformation on specific needs of refugee camps (camps typically range in size from 100-500 people), helping donors to reach those in the most need.

Distributions in the camps are joined by representatives of the local municipality to document donations and, to the extent possible, making sure that donations are properly and fairly distributed.

For obvious reasons, no donations will be forwarded in cash but only through e.g. food supplies.

Can/should I donate supplies/necessities instead of money?

The most cost efficient way of helping is to make purchases and distributions in Lebanon. Quantities needed vary from day to day. Further, purchasing supplies in Beqaa provides much needed support for local businesses.

Can I choose for my donation to be spent on some particular necessity?

To the extent possible, donations shall be used for providing those in need with the most urgent necessities at any given time. For this reason, and to minimize bureaucracy, I prefer for donors to provide money only.

How do I see if my donation comes to use?

This project focuses on helping people in great need, and not all people and situations are appropriate to photograph. However, many or most of the distributions of your donations will be documented and photographed to some extent and published online. Photos will be subject to the approval of people concerned.

When will my donation come to use on the ground in Beqaa?

Needs in the camp are urgent, so your donation will be used during the summer.

Why donate through Carl-Fredrik Hedengren?

Your donation should come to the best possible use. With me present, I can ensure your donation is used the right way; I will make purchases on your behalf and take part in distributions etc. in the camps.

If my work for some unforeseen reason would need to be cancelled, you do not risk your donation to be spent without my insight and control.

Contributions will not be repaid. Any funds remaining when I end my project will be donated to related causes in Beqaa.