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The refugee’s situation in Lebanon

Lebanon has accepted the largest burden in the on-going refugee crisis. According to UNHCR, 1,055,984 refugees from Syria alone were registered in Lebanon as of 29 February 2016, of which 368,528 are placed in the Beqaa region. Syrian refugees account for approximately one fifth of the total population in Lebanon. Many of them have lived in Lebanese camps for five years.

The refugees’ situation in Beqaa has worsen further in the recent past, with many new refugees not being registered by the UNHCR. The UNHCR has announced it is further tightening the criteria for refugees receiving aid (such as food). Already, many refugees - registered and unregistered - do not recieve aid at all, relying on small NGOs only. The UN’s 2015 humanitarian appeal for Syrian refugees was just 61 % funded by the end of last year.

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In Beqaa, the local municipality, as well as other NGO's, provide information on which refugee camps ("informal settlements") have the greatest need of basic necessities such as food. I make purchases on your behalf, and provide the aid to those specific camps. When donating to my work, you reach refugees who currently receive no humanitarian support.